Cosmetics maded in Quebec

Our cosmetics are healthy for the skin and the body. There are no added endocrine disruptors or hormones, or any potentially carcinogenic ingredients. They are free of petrochemical derivatives, BHA and BHT free, talcum powder free, coal tar derived dye free, DEA derived ingredients free, formaldehyde releaser free, paraben free, PEG free, petroleum jelly free, sodium laureth sulfate free , siloxane, triclosan, oxybenzone, silicone and aluminum.

Florae offers you cosmetics specialized in facial care, with high quality raw materials and a high percentage of active ingredients. Our products are designed for increased efficiency, the first ingredient on the INCI list is not water but hydrosol, for its exceptional properties. For us, each ingredient must be used to treat the skin, otherwise it has no place in our products. The oils and butters are carefully chosen for their cosmetic properties and are organically grown. No artificial fragrance is used to enhance the final product. We only use natural fragrances or essential oils, for their benefits.

We care about the future of our planet. Our products are created in small quantities, the primary packaging is glass and there is no secondary packaging. For tertiary packaging, we recover the boxes, papers, bubbles, from our suppliers to send your orders. We have also started a pilot project in Sherbrooke which consists of depositing our glass bottles in order to reuse them for our own business.

For the most pleasant experience, treat yourself to high-end Quebec cosmetics that are gentle and safe for your skin, whose quality, textures and smells will literally make you capsize. No doubt these will become your favorite products!