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Problem skin can be the result of different diagnoses. Here are some fairly common skin conditions:

Atopic dermatitis, also called eczema (dry or oozing), is characterized by irritated and itchy red patches, dry skin crusts and flaking. It is sometimes accompanied by small weeping vesicles. Over the years, the skin becomes thicker, drier, it loses its hairiness and can change pigmentation.

Psoriasis is characterized by well-demarcated, round or oval red patches covered with thick crusts of white peeling skin. It is usually localized on the elbows, knees, scalp, face and buttocks. Note that there are other forms of psoriasis but we are focusing here on the one that can affect the part of the face.

Severe acne is a condition that can affect the face, chest and back. It then presents with lesions with inflammation, redness, pus, blackheads, whiteheads, pustules and cysts and can leave permanent scars in some people.

Acne rosacea is a condition that occurs around forty. Symptoms can be red, inflamed pimples on the chin, cheeks, and forehead. Persistent redness on the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. Tiny visible blood vessels on the nose and cheeks.

*It is advisable to consult a health professional when it comes to treating problem skin, to have an accurate diagnosis and thus receive the right treatments.

Expert skincare tips

  • With atopic skin, we love...

    Cosmetics that contain active ingredients such as ceramide, bisabolol and vitamin B5.

    Cosmetics that contain plants such as chamomile, rose, Ho wood, aloe or helichrysum.

  • With atopic skin, we avoid...

    Products containing synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives, harsh soaps and any superfluous ingredients.

    To exfoliate our skin while in crisis.

  • Our secret tips

    Test one product at the time. Wait at least 72 hours after first use to ensure there is no reaction.

    We prefer cosmetics containing a reasonable list of ingredients.

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