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Collection: Dry skin

Dry skin looks dull and dull. The most obvious characteristic is a rough feel and roughness of the skin surface, sometimes accompanied by irregular peeling or cracking. She is paler, thin and fragile.

This type of skin tends to develop eczema and age more quickly. A feeling of tightness and itching may be felt after cleaning or applying a cream.

Expert skin care tips

  • With dry skin, we love...

    Use products containing
    AHA or BHA, to dislodge flaking and restore smooth skin. As a bonus, your creams will be able to penetrate deeply.

  • With dry skin, we avoid...

    Any product containing alcohol.

    Soap bars to clean your face, given their very alkaline PH and their very drying effect.

  • Our secret tips

    Choose rich creams with vegetable oils containing antioxidants.

    Choose a serum that contains hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate.

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