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Collection: Acne-prone oily skin

Oily skin is thick, well hydrated and covered with a protective oily film. It is less sensitive to external factors, dryness, stress and, therefore, less prone to wrinkles and signs of aging. Over time, the pores of the skin will tend to dilate and become apparent.

In some cases, mild to severe acne may develop.

Expert skin care tips

  • With oily skin, we love...

    Salicylic acid products, willow bark extract and vitamin B3

    Antiseptic and antibacterial herbal products, such as lavender, rosemary, lemon, yarrow and witch hazel.

    A facial mask once a week and for maximum efficiency, we first do a steam bath to open the pores of the skin.

  • With oily skin, avoid...

    Cosmetics that contain mineral oil or silicone, which clog the pores of the skin and prevent the evacuation of sebum.

    Comedogenic oils.

  • Our secret tips

    Choose gels or lotions to clean your face.

    We include in our routine, a tonic (Hydrosols are excellent tonics for oily skin linked to a slightly more acidic PH) which will help balance our epidermis.

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